Kerish Doctor 2017 4.65 [Full Patch] ปรับปรุงซ่อมแซม Registry windows ปรับจูนระบบ

Kerish Doctor โซลูชั่นที่ครอบคลุมสำหรับการดูแลเครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์ของคุณซึ่งมีการพัฒนาป้องกันไม่ให้เกิดปัญหากับ Windows แก้ไขข้อผิดพลาดในรีจิสทรี ช่วยปกป้องคอมพิวเตอร์ของคุณจากมัลแวร์ ฯลฯ

Kerish Doctor - a comprehensive solution for the care of your computer, which contains the most promising developments in this area. Due to its unique Kerish Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time and securely fixes registry errors. The application regularly produces the most perfect and safe cleaning system from accumulating digital trash, as well as the optimal way increases productivity of its work.
Kerish Doctor protects computers from malware and potential vulnerabilities, controlling important from the viewpoint of computer security settings. Smart Update system promptly update the database applications that are regularly upgraded by our experts. With this system, the effectiveness of the established complex increases every day and makes it the most promising in its class.

Kerish Doctor - a complete solution for automatic maintenance of a computer running Windows.
The program offers two modes of operation. In real-time mode Kerish Doctor in the background to protect the system and automatically corrects errors automatically, displays a notification about the work done. The program starts with Windows startup.
In classic mode the user runs and works with the app on their own, as required. The application is not in the Windows startup and runs in the background.

อัพโหลดโดย : easyall-download
License: Shareware
OS: Windows
การทดสอบ : ยังไม่ได้ทดสอบ
ยาแก้ไอ : Patch
วิธีติดตั้ง : ไม่มี
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